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Today we’re thrilled to offer three distinct eggs brands —

each one addressing a unique set of consumer needs:


Our long-standing, much-loved egg brand offers 3 types of Free-Range, Certified Humane eggs in 12 and 6 packs: Organic, Legacy and Omega-3. Nature’s Yoke invites consumers to celebrate and savor what matters most to them, with an emphasis on connection to family, friends and community. 

Our new all pasture-raised egg brand offers 4 types of eggs: Organic, Original, Soy-Free and Duck.

Utopihen is led by our hens on a mission to create a brighter tomorrow together with our farmers, partners, retailers and consumers; and invites you to join us on the

journey in making a better world.

Rosies Farm Fresh Logo-01.png

Rosie's Farm Fresh is exactly what it sounds like. Fresh eggs from our Free-Range family farms. These eggs are perfect for the consumer looking to support family farming, while maintaining a friendly budget. 

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