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Westfield Egg Farm is a four-generation, family-run specialty egg packaging company.

Founded in 1962 with a strong vision, Westfield continues to support family farms, encourage sustainability and ensure the ethical treatment of animals. They package eggs for their own Free-Range and Pasture Raised brands as well as other brands, including private label products.

Guided by the principle of Thoughtful Stewardship for a Thriving World, Westfield remains a leader in the egg category by making their top priorities forward-thinking practices and aligning with consumer values.

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people first

We are a Faith based company, founded on the principle of loving and caring for the people around us.

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our brands

We love connecting with people everyday through our own brands, Nature's Yoke and Utopihen Farms.


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Working with small family farms throughout Lancaster Pennsylvania and the surrounding area.

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Private Label

Westfield Egg Farm is a premier, east coast based, specialty egg packer of choice.


Contact US

165 North Shirk Road. New Holland, Pa 17557  |  Office: 717.354.4966

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